Elle’s A to Z of Love – Claire Huston

This book contains:

  • Serious illness and death of loved ones.

Elle is a young woman from a dying village in the Cotswalds. While she desperately wants to leave the village, every time she tries to leave, she’s drawn back by family ties, emergencies, and romance.

Elle is at university and meets a boy that’s intriguing for the first time since her first crush left for uni. Unfortunately, before she can explore that she’s drawn back home and when we come back a few years later she’s still there.

While the title suggested one kind of list of love to me, I was pleasantly surprised at what it actually represented and how. Even the little steps along the way were special and seemed to illuminate a little bit more about Elle and get her back on track.

For a nice, quick, sweet romance that spans years and includes amazing self-growth and following your dreams, this is an amazing read. Definitely an enjoyable book that I would happily re-read when I need some emotional pick-me-ups.

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