2021 – The Year to Come

How has it taken me TWO MONTHS to tell you about my year to come?!

Well I guess the new look took me a while to get rolling which just showed how lazy I was being. Not to mention, I had to wipe and reset my whiteboard so I could get a handle on what reviews I’d agreed to do when.

I mean look at how busy it got!

What are my bookish goals this year?

I’ve decided to take a backwards step on a lot of these goals and go back to reading what I feel like reading and review them when I want to.

I am still signing up for some tours and accepting some author requests. I’m just not looking to be as crazy busy with them this year compared to previous years.

So that mean’s no Aussie Author Challenges and no planning ahead any discussions and TV/movie vs book comparisons!

Other than a general Goodreads goal I’m not worrying about a goal this yr. Which is also why you’ll see such an empty whiteboard even at the end of February.

What about tracking stats?

Other than what I’m reading I’m not stressing too much, although I’ll add the data in every so often. So I’ll still get a run down on the genre’s, age, size etc of the books I read but otherwise I’m not fussing too much this yr just coz I have more important things to worry about in my life.

Now that I mention my life…

What are my personal goals?

I’m focussing on muscle strength and Bones this year for my goals. Coz that’s what’s important in my life.

  • Fix my shoulders so they work like they’re meant to
  • Develop my core strength back to what it was pre-COVID
  • Get Bones to the point where we can walk past a dog calmly (turns out he has major fears and OMG it got bad thanks to COVID!)
  • Get Bones the Advanced Masters Trick Title, Expert Trick Title and Expert Masters Trick Title
  • Complete the Introduction to Nose Work course with Bones
  • Get out to lonely country roads with Bones more

For those of you who don’t know, I adopted Bones in January 2020 and quickly discovered his reactivity towards dogs. Throughout the year we discovered it’s a legit fear due to abuse in the first 4 months of his life. We’ve been working so much with him but it hasn’t been until like November/December 2020 that we actually started to see progress.

For those who don’t know, reactivity is often driven by fear, frustration or excitement. It literally just means the dog behaves in a way that we consider to be over the top. That could be excessive barking, lunging, jumping, nipping etc. In Bones’ case, since he wanted space from dog’s he’d lunge towards them in a bid to scare them away from him.

I have an Instagram account purely for Bones so I won’t bore you here with those details since you came for bookish stuff!

That’s my wrap and I’ll see you next week!


Don’t forget to let me know what you think in the comments below!

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