Help me decide!

Hi all,

This is a slightly different post than normal. I have a conundrum to try and solve and because I’m being typical me I can’t make a decision! This all stems from Amazon Prime FINALLY coming to Australia.

My Kindle is currently zoned to America coz I signed up before there was an Amazon Australia and since they have over 6mil books available on Kindle in hesitant to change my zoning to Australia. Especially since they only have like 1mil books on the Kindle.

Catch is, I already have over 500 books in my tbr pile… Is that enough to be ok to switch over to Australia? Considering how long it’ll take me to work my way through that pile?

Please head to my Twitter page to vote coz I suck at making decisions like this! I struggle to even make a decision WHILE AT THE SUPERMARKET about what to do for dinner so this is way harder for me!

Pretty please head to my Twitter page and vote to help me decide! And of course I welcome your thoughts on this.

Thank you and I’ll see you again on Friday with another Dark Hunter review.

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