Dark Hunter: Sherrilyn Kenyon Intro

Welcome to the trailer for my first official post where I will review each book in a series. By popular vote (lol not really that popular, why didn’t more of you vote?!) I will be reviewing the Dark Hunter world by Serrilyn Kenyon.

The prequel to this series is “Fantasy Lover” and this was the first book I reviewed. I believe I’ve read this one about…10 times, if not more time since I was first introduced to it 8 years ago.

If you’d like to read this follow this link! https://proudbookreviews.com/2018/04/02/fantasy-lover-sherrilyn-kenyon/

Now I feel every time I visit Sherrilyn’s site to get the correct reading order it changes. Either by new books being added that I didn’t know were coming (yea I’ve followed her on Twitter to try and keep up!), or the reading order being shuffled since I’d last looked. I was going to follow her latest reading order but I’ve decided to do it in the order that I read the books so you can feel the experience as I had it.

Also, I should note before jumping into this that there are a number of series included in the Dark Hunter world, and I will be including all these series (Dark, Were and Dream Hunter series as well as the Lords of Avalon series) into the one blog series. And I will end with the Chronicles of Nick series.

Follow this link to get to Sherrilyn’s webpage: https://www.sherrilynkenyon.com/

So what is the first book in the series that I will be officially reviewing? Well I had to toss up between “Dragonswan” and “Night Pleasures” so I had a bit of an argument with myself over which one I should bring you first. And I just had to go with “Night Pleasures”. My choice came down to the order in which I read the book and the order that I think would make the most sense if you’re new to the series.

Although typically you can read any of Sherrilyn’s books as stand alone books as she will describe everything as if you’ve never heard of it before and she changes what character’s her books focus on in each book. However I will come back to “Dragonswan” when I feel it would make more sense.

Ok, so to finally jump into this review! And I will apologise in advance if you find tomorrow’s post a bit lengthy, I wanted to make sure I set this series up right for you. Ok, I’m actually done rambling now! Come back tomorrow for the actual post, and they will continue to come up every Friday.

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