Wrap Up – April 2019

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OMG! This month has been CRAZY for me!

I thought it’d calm down after rushing to complete one unit and then doing the assessments for 2 others before 1st April so my qualification can stay up to date. But nope!

If anything I feel like April has been even worse what with my finishing off one unit (2x assessments) and starting the next one where I’ve had to do all the hard work (and incredibly boring elearns) for that assessment. Speaking of, I’m writing this as I SHOULD be writing up a report for my boss so I can finalise this assessment over the weekend since she goes on leave for a month next week and this is due in line 2 weeks! EEK!

I don’t think I can do a fav book this month…. I just loved (almost) all of them in different ways! I had a good month having so many positive reviews!

My Lease Fav

So I feel like this one is a little obvious given it was really the only one I gave a negative review to.

I loved how Brooklyn was going until the main character decided to cheat on her husband. I just don’t understand that and I don’t see how it added value or anything to the story.

It just made it end on a really bad note as far as I’m concerned.

What’s coming up

So as you might have noticed I’ve dropped off my series reviews (sorry, time just hasn’t been on my side this month) so I’m HOPING I can start those up again late next month. Otherwise I’ll get those up and running again for June.

I also have the Shift series reviews scheduled to be finished this month, otherwise who knows when they’d go up and I think Zoe deserves some credit for her writing and providing me ARCs of them to read and review!

My 2019 Goals Update

Well I guess the easiest to talk about is my weight. Still not budging but at least I can attribute this to muscle gain since I not only FEEL stronger. But I’ve also been able to increase my weights across the board which is awesome!

For example, last night I was doing dead lifts (2x 1min rounds with about 10ish reps per round) with 30kgs (half my body weight!) and 20kg bench presses (2x 1min rounds with about 10ish reps per round) when 4 months ago I was lucky do do 8kgs for both!

OK, reading goal. I’m up to 33 books read which is like half my goal! I might need to consider upping that goal lol! Am I feeling behind on my study because I read 11 books this month?

And time for me to move on and get my assignment report ready for my boss! Otherwise I can’t go to my boxercise class tomorrow and I want to go!!

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12 Replies to “Wrap Up – April 2019”

    1. I haven’t read any of his other books, have you read any others? Had to skip boxercise tonight to get the report ready to review with my boss before she jets off for a month but I got there! Hopefully won’t need to make too many tweaks after tomorrow’s meeting.

    1. Thank you! My assignments are going ok. Managed to smash out heaps yesterday so I’ll clean it up and do all the referencing on the weekend and then I can submit it! Yay!

    1. I don’t even know how it happened! I thought I set a reasonable goal for the end of the year given my study but apparently I underestimated myself!

  1. Yay for working out! You’ve been juggling a lot, but it sounds like you got it pretty well under control, and not to mention still had time to get some reading done! Go you!

  2. oh, 33 books are great! I have read 30 books this year and that’s 3/4 of the number of books I read in total last year so I’m quite surprised but also happy!
    Lol, being behind on studies is a mood
    (because when are you ever on track?)
    All the best for May, hope you have a great month and are able to achieve your goals!

    1. Thank you! Here’s hoping I can keep myself on track so I can relax as soon as the Queens Birthday long weekend arrives in June 😁

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