Dream Chaser – Sherrilyn Kenyon

Hi all, welcome back to another week of Dark Hunter books. I think we’re roughly halfway through the series (or what I will be reviewing anyway) at the moment.

I really liked this book even though I didn’t really feel that it fell under the “Dark Hunter” title as neither of the characters are Dark Hunter’s. At least with some of the previous books they’ve been either Were-Hunter’s or Dream Hunter’s so it makes sense. I mean I know Xypher is TECHNICALLY a Dream Hunter. But come on, he was killed and tortured in Tarturus until he managed to weasel a deal where he gets one month of Earth. Which he plans to use to track down and kill the one responsible for his demise.

In that silly “I like bad boys” kinda way I kinda liked Xypher from when we met him previously. But his plan to track down and kill people isn’t exactly warming me up to him again. Instead we have Simone who is human as, apart from the fact that she can see ghosts, who is thrown into Xypher’s way and ends up with them not being able to go more than a short distance from each other.

I mean, I did enjoy reading about how Xypher finds his humanity again, but I’m not convinced that would happen in real life. Like it’s one thing for someone who is ready to settle down to open up to those kind of emotions and feelings. But for someone like Xypher who is ready to die again rather than live, I can’t see him all of a sudden changing his mind. Even if it is even after 1 month of living 24/7 with Simone pretty much by his side.

The one thing I really enjoyed about this book was Jesse, the ghost. He had one hell of a sense of humor! And he was really able to help break up the awkwardness and savageness between Xypher and Simone whenever it flared up.

But the cool thing about this book is that we really start to learn more about demons. We learn that there are different classes of demons, that each pantheon has their own set of demons within each class. And that there’s a pecking order even amongst demons. Even that most are enslaved by either other demons or “higher” beings. And then on top of that, that some demons were specifically created to fight a demon class from another pantheon.

So to learn all of this really made me feel like Sherrilyn had been holding out on us. But I also appreciated the fact that she set up the Dark Hunter, then Were-Hunter then the Dream Hunter worlds while weaving in the gods political battles before introducing another element that will turn the world on it’s head. Literally, this book sets up the rest of the series as we will come to know it.

And if you haven’t read the series yet, then you’re in for one hell of a treat! Yes some of the past books I’ve reviewed in this series are pretty great, and I love going back to read them. But the books to come are at a whole nother level! Inter-species, inter-pantheon and inter-whatever you can come up with and that’s what this book sets us up for!

I can’t wait to bring you reviews for the rest of the series. So I look forward to seeing you next week!