In this book we mostly follow Tris, however that doesn’t mean that the other’s are lost to us. In fact, they all work together to thwart money hungry pirates that attack their new home.

Map of Summersea’s harbour

Key Story Points

All four of our characters are starting to understand their magic and learn how to use it. In this case we’re mostly following Tris as she learns how to master some new and impressive powers.

Unfortunately her favourite cousin is making life difficult for her. He rocks up to Winding Circle and seems to put a few people on edge for a few different reasons. But Tris is happy to see him, and the others just want her to be happy.

Then out of the blue, Winding Circle is attacked by a bunch of pirates. And thanks to Tris’s magic with weather, she’s able to help clean out the pirates from Winding Circle and restore order.

Tris’s Book

My Thoughts

I will admit, parts of this book makes me love it. But as a whole, it’s not my favourite in the quartet.

Overall, I got the feeling that I was being strung along between great moments embedded at JUST the right moment to keep you hooked.

My Fav Part

Honestly, the main points that I remember and that pops into my head sometimes is Daja working on the city’s and Winding Circle’s defences. And Tris learning some cool new magic that allows them to see into the past.

I’m pretty sure this is the book where Daja almost gives her fellow apprentice a heart attack when she handles metal straight out of the forge. It has me chuckling every time I think about it.

Thank you for reading and next week I’ll have the next book (Daja’s Book) up next week!

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