About Me

Hi All, welcome to Proud Book Reviews! A place where I read lots of books and share my thoughts (good or bad) on what I read. 

I’m in my late 20s (o god! 30 is getting nearer and nearer!), from Melbourne, Australia. I typically read on my Kindle, however, I do have a lifelong ambition to have my very own library one day packed full of floor to ceiling with all the book’s I’ve read. And of course. More that I’d like to read.

Where do I get my books?

Well I’ve gotten quite a lot from BookBub since early 2017. So much so that I have had to slow down how many I buy from them so I don’t have to delete books from my Kindle! 

BookBub is free service that you can sign up for that sends you an email daily (I think you can opt for weekly) of all the books might like that are on sale or free at the moment. I know this sounds bad, but when I had no money to spend on books but I wanted more new books to read this was the perfect solution for me! 

I also work with Rach Random Resources and BookGlow. They keep me updated on books that are available to reviewed and I am able to pick which one’s I’d like to read. I’m not always successful in getting a spot! But I mostly seem to be lucky.

My goals

My ultimate goal with writing this blog is to keep track of the books I’ve read, my thoughts on them. However, I hope you too can discover new aspects of books you’ve read, or books that are new to you for you to enjoy.


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