Welcome back everyone, this week is another week on a book tour. This week’s read is not one I’d recommend to under 18s given the amount of sex scenes throughout this one.

We start off with Lou, our main character, in bed considering if this guy is the one she wants to settle down back into a “vanilla” relationship with. Which leads me to believe that she’s been known to have unusual sexual relationships and shes considering going back to what most of us consider to be a “normal” relationship.

But this is something I hate. Telling us that we have to find a guy, date him for a period of time, get engaged, get married, have 2.5 kids and live happily ever after but only for our family. I personally hate this idea. I have a guy, we are living happily (mostly, as with all relationships we have our ups and downs) and neither of us have any inclination to expand our “family” by anything other than dogs (yea that’s totally me but I’m sure I’ll wear him down!).

As such I loved the idea of Lou having been through a marriage, having had kids and now finding herself sexually and deciding what she does and doesn’t want in her life. I think this is something everyone should do away from their family or friends pressures to know that what they decide is truly what they want. What I didn’t find so great was that it felt like every chapter was a new instalment in the “Lou’s sexual exploits” that read like a porno. I mean seriously. How many of you ladies (or guys) have come across every sexual partner being totally ripped, huge dick AND likes going down on you?

Personally, my experience with guys is that the vast majority only want to fuck you and leave you, often have pot bellies going on and have no interest in your pleasure through anything other than their dick in your vagina. How does Lou come across so many guys who revel in her pleasure?! Where are all these guys in real life?! And who makes guys feel like this behaviour is ok?

Also, how many of us have casual conversation during sex? Like past telling them what you want them to do (maybe), does anyone actually compliment their partner, make jokes etc while having sex? I found this concept quite funny and I can see how some conversations can be funny and/ or needed during sex but some of the conversations she has with these guys while having sex are just bizarre. I was reading them and thinking “I don’t know if I’d say that to my partner, let alone during sex!” so it felt a little weird to me. But good on her for feeling comfortable enough with herself to have those conversations.

What I liked most about this book was the final chapter where it felt like there was more of her heart and soul in the book than almost anywhere else during it. So I’d be interested to see where this goes in the next book (which incidentally is coming out soon!). If you like reading about raunchy sex scenes and female empowerment and control you’ll really enjoy this one. I just personally prefer a bit more of the emotional side of the character’s explored. But it feels like this will be explored more in the next book which I’m looking forward to reading.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this review, next week I will be reviewing “The Merest Loss” by Steven Neil. Read on below to know a bit more about our author and see where you can buy this book.

Louisa lives in Hertfordshire with her four children. While not on ‘Mum-duties’ she works in high finance in London

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